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19 December 2021

Christmas Newsletter

And just like that, 2021 enters its final lap. 

It has been a fast-paced, constantly evolving yet rewarding year here at Repped, not without its challenges of course. Like everyone else, our team started the year in lockdown, wondering when we might once again see friends, family, colleagues and clients face-to-face.

We made a decision to develop our initial product and to include a Covid-proof feature enabling our users to get value out of the platform from anywhere, no matter what restrictions are in place. 

The busy summer months were spent with our forward-thinking and progressive media agency and media owner partners, demonstrating our platform and it’s simplistic approach to navigating the new hybrid working patterns, which have made discoverability and face-to-face scheduling that much more tricky.

Restrictions came and went, but our partners’ needs and drive for what we have built remains the same. We’re incredibly pleased to say that from Wednesday 5th January 2022, Repped will be live in full effect, bringing together an entirely new type of sales enablement encompassing scheduling, CRM and directories, all from a short-term approach. The Beta is focussing on print, digital and audio channels first, before full launch in the Spring. 

We’re proud to be in the 76% of the population who want a safe return of face-to-face meetings in some capacity and we hope our flexible and dynamic tool makes this much easier for media professionals going forwards, allowing them to put more of the best stuff back into their diaries.

To our Beta partners, thank you for your incredible support, enthusiasm and patience this year. To our development team, thank you for your dedication and hard work. To our Founding Team, thank you for making each day better than the previous one.

Our Private Beta has space for a few more to sneak in, so if you’re interested in shaping the future of Repped please register your interest or register on our website. 

Here’s wishing you a safe and happy Christmas as well as a healthy and more spontaneous 2022.

- Team Repped

    Matt Wakefield