We understand the time-poor nature of the job, so let’s do things on your watch.

Repped shifts the etiquette of sales by putting you in control.

Schedule last-minute meetings with your reps and receive information whenever, wherever and at the touch of a button!

Manage your rep and vendor relationships within one easy to use platform.

Notify trusted reps when you’re around to talk - or find unknown innovative media companies based on your client’s desired business outcomes.

Matched with your favourite places to talk, local to office or home, build relationships in the best environments.

In a hurry to find important media owner information or insight?

Our new RFI (Request for Information) feature enables you to find the right reps & vendors based on what you actually need.

Simply search by audience, format, location, rep or vendor and receive all you need at lightning speed!

“We want to have more vendor meetings and planning short term would achieve that! It’s important to get industry insight from our partners.”
Global Account Director, Vizeum

We’ll soon be launching public BETA, and we’d love you to be among the first to test our platform.

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