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Find, speak and meet with any media company, anywhere, exactly when you need them! Repped enables media agencies to discover and interact with new and existing media sales reps wherever they are and whenever they need them - all in 3 clicks.

With an emphasis on BIPOC-owned media companies, identify and request information from multiple vendors in seconds, find yourself having a face-to-face meeting in your neighbourhood, swap time-poor for time-for!

We’re hard at work tweaking and testing to ensure that the way you work changes forever...

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Remember meetings? Remember normal life?

Everything going at 100mph and your diary turned upside-down, missing out on the meetings you looked forward to most, with your rep or agency.

is here to change that

Shorter-term planning

We believe that planning shorter term, in the here and now, is better longer term for building relationships in business, avoiding last minute cancellations and swapping time-poor with time-for!

Interactive CRM

Whether you’re a busy agency planner, eager agency sales rep or a commercial manager looking to maximise efficiency from your sales team, we think you’ll love what you see.

“I think this is a brilliant business idea and I would use it - it looks flexible and agile.”
Strategy Director, HAVAS

Tired of Complex CRM's?

We’re making sure that key and current information no longer gets lost in complex, inadequate or expensive CRMs.

Our two-way system will ensure that meeting take-aways are actioned, so there is a clear yet simple agenda the next time you guys next meet.

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