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Our buyer-first philosophy enables any media buyer to discover, brief and meet with any media seller at a moment’s notice.

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Repped serves as an invaluable tool for media agencies across various markets, streamlining their operational efficiency and providing immediate access to reps and vendors anywhere. Always in 3 clicks or less.

Which days do you work from where?

Hybrid working patterns have changed prospecting and scheduling forever.

Up to 60% of face-to-face meetings cancel or reschedule when booked more than 2 days in advance. 50% of those happen on the day.

Repped’s focus on short-term availability drives long-term relationships.

It's time to stop missing out on the meetings you looked forward to most, with your rep or agency.

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Shorter-term planning

We believe that planning shorter term, in the here and now, is better longer term for building relationships in business, avoiding last minute cancellations and swapping time-poor with time-for!

Maximise Efficiency

Whether you’re a busy agency planner/buyer or an eager agency sales rep/team, increase productivity and save time with our all-in-one discovery, briefing and meeting platform.


“Everybody will want this, it’s the sort of thing that should have been done years ago. Huge time-saver for us.”
Chief Digital Officer
“We want to have more vendor meetings and planning short term would achieve that! It’s important to get industry insight from our partners.”
Strategy Director
“This will, without doubt, add efficiency into how we operate. The industry has become so saturated and this is makes it simple, with a sparkle of fun too!”
Business Operations
-PHD Media

A first of its kind community that you can trust

A brand new way for you to ask questions to real thought-leaders from some of the industry’s biggest names.

Agency planner/buyers and media sellers can publicly or anonymously ask questions to the media community, safe in the knowledge that they will get an informed answer.

What’s more, top contributors will be rewarded each month!

A tool to discover and brief any partner in seconds.

Looking to quickly see your preferred suppliers for a certain format or channel? Send briefs, RFPs or simply request some further information from unlimited media sellers simultaneously.

Always stay front of mind.

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