"I've now got a two hour window to fill. If only there was a way to fill that hole with another client.”

“But how can I let them know I'm free or even know if they're free?”

In early 2015, our Founder was standing on the Victoria line platform about to catch a train to his next meeting, when a message came through on his phone letting him know that his meeting was to be rescheduled. "Not again!" he thought.

At that moment an idea was born. An idea of how media agencies could be ‘repped’ way more efficiently and effectively.

Our Founder spoke to some of his key clients over a period of time. The feedback from agencies was that of equal frustration. They have a commitment to their reps of maintaining an understanding of the media landscape and industry trends for their sake and that of their clients. Often, they have also had to rearrange their rep meetings and social outings each week due to brand and advertiser client commitments and requests. However, now it’s Friday afternoon and there’s a window where they’re free but they’re stuck because surely their busy reps will be tied up with other commitments?

Fast forward to 2020, having rearranged numerous agency client meetings over the years and accelerated by the global pandemic, Repped has evolved from an idea into a platform that helps agencies, sales reps & vendors significantly improve frequency of service, and moreover, further long-term relationships by planning short-term.

Our founder built a robust team of experienced partners and advisors. Already Seasoned in Agency Sales, he added a Veteran Global Agency Leader, a Serial Media Entrepreneur, a team of Tech & Dev Experts and an AdTech & Data Specialist to the team.

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