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Repped is both a buyer-enablement and sales-enablement tool for time-poor media agencies and media companies, respectively. Our buyer-first philosophy blended with immediacy empowers more business decision makers to make the first move in sales. Founded in London by entrepreneurs who have spent years selling (and buying) media. They knew that there must have be an easier way to build relationships and essentially, sell, in a cluttered and saturated ecosystem that is notoriously time-poor. They also felt that popular scheduling software is flawed, in that they do not cater for discovery and were often perceived by buyers as arrogant, in the sense that they must look through a sellers diary to find a time to speak.

  • Buyer-first
  • Scheduling built for buyers
  • No sales spam
  • A community you can trust
  • Protected transparency
  • A complete briefing tool
  • Discoverability
  • Meaningful relationships


Repped was formed during the pandemic when the world had to figure out a brand new way to work, to meet, to do business. By early 2022, the team had put out an MVP (minimum viable product) to the UK media industry to test and see whether their hypothesis was correct, and there was in fact demand on both sides for a platform that allowed for immediacy and spontaneity in relationship building.

The opportunity

Repped now serves as an invaluable tool for media agencies across various markets, streamlining their operations and providing immediate access to necessary resources. Our platform enables agencies to enhance their efficiency and productivity by delivering prompt and reliable solutions.

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